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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cookie wekend.

I'm a really bad blogger, i haven't written a blog in like more than a month; I will try to keep updating this page more lately,one of the reason why i haven't blogged is because i got robbed like a month ago,My ipod got stolen, phone, and my favorite ring, I got over it though, and i haven't felt like in the mood to blog.

i've been creating new websites that i found pretty interesting like my own Facebook fan page! [Cilck Here].
I will appreciate it if you become my fan! and i also posted this picture on deviantart [Click here], and i also made my first video on youtube[Click here], In my opinion this video is quiet funny for me, you might think is dumb but i like it and it was pretty hard to do it, cutting pieces that i liked,making it faster etc, so I just hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.

I've also created a Lookbook i'm really happy,
[Click Here]. this New website that i found caught my attention since the first time and i've post some of my looks; i'm going to try to update a look every month or maybe two looks every month.

And guess what? I'm really upset right now because i was having a Photo Shoot and my xD card it's saying that its full when it's empty and i looked up some solutions, i tried every single one and it didn't work so, I don't any other nice quality camera but i will try to buy a new xD card, so by the time that my best friend (ivy) comes back to New Jersey and i could have photo shoot with my best photographer because i feel so uncomfortable with other people, i'm really shy, and probably we're gonna make a video for youtube too! I can't wait :]

Subscribe on youtube! :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010 "I'm still breathing" by Andres Camargo "I'm still breathing" by Andres Camargo: "Socialcollision, Divided from H&M"

First look on lookbook!
i will appreciated every single view <3