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Sunday, June 27, 2010

nothing else i can say.


[DeviantArt New Picture].

so yeah, i've been going out a lot with my friends this summer. my best friend Ivy finally came, yay! and we've been having so much fun. the first day she came, we went to ikea with my cousin and her parents and we took random pictures everywhere we went. we ate delicious low-fat yogurt, they also recorded me riding around on a cart and screaming while people were looking at us, it was hilarious. unfortunately, we got stopped by a guy who worked there. but whatever (: second day, we went to the park and got on the swings for like an hour. we had to steal the swings from the little kids cause they just wouldn't get off. we ate a lot that day, we bought chips and ramen noodles and ate them all at my best friend's Jenny's house and ate nutella chocolate <3

here's the picture that i posted on Lookbook. :D